'Birmingham Bombshells Mirror Glamour From Hollywood’s Golden Era'

In a downtown loft studio, contemporary Birmingham women are being transformed into pin-up girls in the style of silver screen glamour goddesses from the ‘40s. The popularity of these retro pinup portraits as Valentine’s Day gifts has triggered a trend that is keeping photographer Angela Karen of Birmingham Bombshells extremely busy. “Women enjoy being able to live the fantasy,” said AK.  “We may have to be all business at work or school, but it’s fun now and then to let the girl inside come out and play.”

One of the modern-day pinups, by the name of Susan, added, “It’s for my guy, but it’s also for me. It will also be nice to have something to look back at when I’m 93 and smile.  Maybe I’ll scandalize my great grandchildren and prove to them that granny was a hottie in her day.” Women also seem to enjoy getting the same type of professional hair and
makeup attention that Angela’s model clients receive. A photo stylist is there to prepare their clothes, props and poses to create the perfect vintage look. “Some of the ladies like to have their hair styled, while others opt to use wigs so they can create different looks.”AK added, “We get a lot of request poses made famous by classic pinups such as Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth.  Other clients want to look glamourous, but to express their own originality. My main goal in shooting this type of portrait is to make the client feel special and beautiful, and to let them share that beauty with the people they love.”

Vintage-style pinup portraits have also been very popular among military wives.  Instead of the traditional care packages, they send pinups, CDs or memory books with sultry pictures of themselves.
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